Gregg Norris

Libertarian Candidate for Ohio House of Representatives, District 83

For far too long we have rested on the works of men and women who took time from their lives, jobs, families, and friends to make this great state and country what it is, or at least what it once was. I am no more able to rest on the parenting our parents did 20, 30, and 40 years ago when it comes to my children than we are able to rest on the jobs our statesmen did 100 years and longer ago.

So this effort comes from countless requests of family, friends, and acquaintances for me to run for office and do what I am able to make things the way I have for so long thought they should be.

On the following pages you will find my ideas on different issues our state faces and how I feel they should be handled. You will also find ideas where I believe government should get  out of the way of the people and allow them the freedom and liberty to do as they will.

Sowing the Seeds of Liberty is the slogan for our campaign and it comes with meaning and signifies the action we need to take in this state and across the country. Sow the Seeds of Liberty within ourselves, our children, and our government. Individual liberty is key to what the founders envisioned for our country.

Our case is righteous, to pull back the reins of government and let the people enjoy liberty and freedom. But it cannot be done without YOUR support. Please help us Sow the Seeds of Liberty, first here in the 83rd District, and together we will watch it grow across the state and country. Now is the time, we can make a difference and regain control of our government, but it must be done now.

Billboards are Up!

Thank you for the support!